The 2013 Animal Law Lecture Series is an opportunity to hear from leaders in animal law. Our speakers will share their knowledge on the current positioning of animal law and the potential for future developments.



Aaron Timoshanko is currently completing his doctoral thesis at Monash University in the field of animal law. Prior to this, Aaron worked as a commercial solicitor after being admitted to practise in 2009. Aaron has completed a Bachelor of Laws and Legal Practice (Honours), Bachelor of International Studies and a Diploma in Business.

Aaron is the Chairperson and co-founder of the Companion Animal Welfare Society Incorporated, a member of the South Australian Law Society’s Animal Law Committee and secretariat member of the Barristers Animal Welfare Panel.

Aaron will present at the Adelaide Law Lecture Series on Monday 6 May at Tindall Gask Bentley Lawyers. His talk will provide an overview of the Federal, State and local laws and regulations that apply as well as the legal effect of codes of practice (with a particular focus on South Australia), which supersedes a person’s obligations under the animal welfare Acts and provides a defence to prosecution.