The Voiceless Grants Program provides financial support to organisations working at the forefront of animal protection. In 2012 over $105,000 was awarded to 12 different projects.


Recipient Project Summary Amount
Australian Animal Studies Group (AASG) Writer in Residence: AASG@Sydney2013 The Writer in Residence program will be established as part of AASG’s Life in the Anthropocene  conference, which uses writing to support cultures of positive human-animal relationships. The Writer in Residence will produce original work, present readings and share their expertise in workshops. $2,500
Animal Liberation Queensland Animalz & Me – magazine for tweens This lifestyle magazine for ‘tween’ aged girls (9-14yrs) will promote awareness of animal sentience and compassionate lifestyle choices. It will also refer its readers to a blog for more information. $2,812 kindly sponsored by ManageFlitter
University of Queensland (Centre for Animal Welfare and Ethics) Vocalisations of chickens as measures of welfare This research will aim to determine if chickens make specific calls consistently in positive welfare situations. If so, an automated welfare assessment system will be developed, which could present a useful non-invasive measure of farmed chickens’ welfare. $5,130
Fair Projects Media production This grant will enable the production, distribution and promotion of three documentaries covering the commercial hunting of kangaroos; the impacts of factory farming for animals, the environment and consumers; and the annual killing of thousands of horses by the Australian horse racing industry. $6,000 kindly sponsored by Bio-Distributors
Peanuts Funny Farm Teaching compassion and empathy towards animals Peanuts Funny Farm educates the young about animal cruelty in order to bring about future change. This grant will support interactive workshops to teach children about animal protection first-hand by letting them care for animals. $7,200 kindly sponsored by a caring supporter.


Research Plus Live Export Monitors The team will film and document live export ships loading from Port Adelaide to grow awareness of the covert trade. They will lodge evidence-based formal complaints to State and Federal regulators, while lobbying port owners and the Port Adelaide Council. $7,800 kindly sponsored by a caring supporter.


Mjadwesch Environmental Service Support Nomination to list the Sydney Basin Bioregion Eastern Grey Kangaroo population as endangered Much of Sydney’s north-west Basin Bioregion Eastern Grey Kangaroo population is subject to commercial shooting.  This research project will provide the information required by the NSW Scientific Committee to consider the listing of these kangaroos as endangered. $10,000
University of Tasmania (Faculty of Law) UTAS Animal Law Conference 2013 This conference will raise the profile of animal law as an area of academic study and a crucial element of the animal protection movement.  The event will enable networking between animal lawyers and the broader movement whilst increasing public awareness of animal justice and engaging undergraduate students. $10,000 kindly sponsored by a caring supporter.


Greg Keightley The Big Picture This project will document the cruelty of the commercial hunting of kangaroos. Expert assistance will be engaged to provide diagnostics and storage of remains for evidence, with findings reported to both Australian and international audiences. $10,000
Ethical Eats Limited Meat Free Week This national event will encourage Australians to think about the origin of meat, increasing awareness of factory farming. Influential ambassadors will stir discussion, while nutritious vegetarian recipes will be developed for participants by popular foodies and chefs. $15,000
Humane Research Council (USA) Animal Tracker Australia For five years Animal Tracker has surveyed opinion and behaviour relating to animal protection issues in the United States. An Australian version will now give local advocates a better understanding of public support (or opposition) to animal protection and evaluate the changing status of animals over time. $15,000
2012 People’s Choice Award
Oscar’s Law Animal Advocates Program Each year advocates will train with Oscar’s Law founder Debra Tranter. They will be given the tools and knowledge to deliver their own presentations, thereby growing awareness of factory farming and the need for legislative reform. $15,000 generously funded by public donations to Voiceless.